Advisory Group

Advisory Group

To ensure multi-stakeholder input, an Advisory Group is installed and re-installed every year. This Advisory Group consists of carefully selected key opinion leaders representing the different stakeholders (clinicians, data custodians, researchers, regulatory decision-makers, people with MS/patient societies, and industry).

The composition can change over time and is reselected every year, but reflects the ecosystem to a sufficient extent so that the Advisory Group can act as a circle of trust in defining the MSDA’s strategy.

The Advisory Group is the key scientific steering body of the MSDA, crucial to raise the voice of the stakeholders in providing strategic as well as scientific advice on the MSDA mission, vision, activities, governance principles and values.

The members of the MSDA Advisory Group of 2022 are:

Arickx Francis
Becker Jefferson
Boyko Alexey Nikolaevich
Dobson Ruth
Dronka Johanna
Fujihara Kazuo
Grigoriadis Nikolaos
Helme Anne
Hernandez Martinez De Lapiscina Elena 
Hlaváčová Jana
Middleton Rod
Montalban Xavier
Navas Carlos
Platel Bram
Rijnbeek Peter
Rintala Aki
Rojas Juan Ignacio
Salter Amber
Schmidt Hollie
Senanayake Bimsara
Shi Fu-Dong
Stahmann Alex
Uitdehaag Bernard
Walton Clare
Yamout Bassem
Zakaria Magda