MSDA Priority lanes

COVID-19 massively affected the original MSDA plans for 2020. To ensure that we live up to stakeholder expectations and to make sure that we do not have to deprioritize our basic activities again, it was agreed by the MSDA Core Group to work with “MSDA priority lanes”. More specifically:

  • MSDA priority lane 1: we prioritize our resources to ensure the basic activities of the MSDA can proceed. With basic MSDA activities, we refer to the activities regarding the MSDA Academy and Toolbox.
  • MSDA priority lane 2: once the resources required to cover priority lane 1, we invest (in 2021) in the extension of the COVID-19 in MS GDSI.
  • MSDA priority lane 3: once the resources required to cover priority lanes 1 and 2, we will invest in other exciting new activities.