Strategic Focus Areas (2)

We believe in a multi-stakeholder approach to overcome the socio-technical challenges that arise when scaling-up real-world MS data. Therefore, we implement a dual approach through our MSDA “Academy” and MSDA “Toolbox”.

MSDA Academy
· Raise awareness about the importance of research using real-world MS data
· Build a multi-stakeholder MS data community
· Promote trustworthy and transparent practices in the use of real-world MS data

MSDA Toolbox
· Develop tools to reduce the time and efforts needed to find and assess real world MS datasets. Currently, we are focusing on the development and implementation of following tools:
· Catalogue: A web-based catalogue that provides a strategic oversight and allows end-users to browse metadata of MS data cohorts and registries.
· SwitchBox: MSDA aims to maximize reusability of MS registries/cohort data supporting local harmonizing efforts by developing and promoting the adoption of a common data model (CDM).
· Cohort Explorer: A “federated data network”, which allows local querying of different cohorts or registries, respecting the autonomy and ownership of data sources.